Healing Your Origin Weekend with Andrea + Klaas (July 18th+19th 2020)

HYO: dealing with uncertainties
Uncertainty provides a license for stress, anxiety, underlying survival fear and triggering old wounds. Fledgling memories largely determine how we relate to our physical, psychosomatic, emotional, energetic and spiritual being. They form our behavioral and attachment patterns as imprints; once unconsciously “learned” to survive as a social being and to create as much of a sense of security as possible. Uncertain times can therefore easily affect our sense of security and point out the vulnerability of our being.

The indestructible space

HYO: the indestructible space
This is also the main reason why many people as a reflex are not happy with change at first. If we look beyond these reflexes, we see that our being is invulnerable, because we are connected to the indestructible space in which we live: the indestructible space. In the indestructible space we recognize our individual opportunities for more self-empowerment, SELF connection and spiritual growth.

An online meeting for transformation through field awareness and connection beyond space and time

HYO: what you might expect
In Healing Your Origin (HYO), we invite the deeper forces at work that influence us. We can integrate and transform them so that they will no longer block or stop us, but give us more freedom and life space. The listening ability of the wise field that we form as a small group creates the intimate setting in which there is more than enough time for everyone’s personal process. The processes will follow each other organically. You might recognize our approach from the theory and process work in Self-Connection, Holistic Awareness, the Trauma Training, Shame & Intimacy or from previous Healing Your Origins. And even if you are not familiar with this, you can still participate in HYO. From a holistic perception, everyone’s process will be also translated into a holistic drawing that speaks directly to the heart and soul without words.

HYO: what it could bring you
Take time to let the questions on the right work deeply into yourself. It might be helpful to write down what immediately comes to mind as thoughts, images, doubts, desires, body sensations, emotions…
f you recognize yourself in one or more of these questions, you could very well use this as an entrance to your theme. And of course these are a few examples, you may have other questions or wishes.

o Am I ready to heal old wounds?
o Do I want to be more connected to myself, other people and the world around me?
o Do I wish for more intimacy with myself and possibly with a partner?
o Do I actually know my own spiritual ability and can I do more with it?
o Can I discover more resources to face the challenges in my daily life?

HYO: does it also work online?
In this HYO we meet via Zoom. You have probably already asked yourself whether this is possible. Andrea and I can say “yes” wholeheartedly.

If you have ever done a Space & Time session, you have already experienced that the idea that we as humans are separated from each other is only an illusion. Our experience in online training, HYO and individual sessions confirms this every time. We don’t have to be physically together for those intimate “goosebumps moments”. And you can also choose to be together with another participant during the days.
From South Africa (Andrea), Zurich – Netherlands (Klaas) and the locations of participants, we create an immense field for healing and transformation. In addition, Klaas in Zurich offers space for two people with a theme during the day.

HYO: practical information
Date: Saturday 18th + Sunday 19th July 2020

Time: 10:00 – 17:30h (including ‘organic’ breakes)

The HYO Weekend can accommodate 8 to 9 people: max 6 people with a theme and 2 to 3 people without a theme. Participants who contribute a theme pay 400 euros, without theme you pay 300 euros.

You can register via info@andrea-wandel.com or welkom@sessiesaanzee.nl and indicate whether or not you want to contribute a theme. If you have any questions, you can email Andrea or email/app/call Klaas: +31 (0) 6 45 11 63 06.

HYO will be in English. Andrea also speaks German and understand Dutch. When necessary Klaas will translate English or German into Dutch.
After registration you will receive the invoice and a Zoom manual which also explains how will use Zoom during our HYO. You will also receive a link for the short test Zoom meeting on the evening prior to HYO: Friday July 17th at 20:00h. You can then see how easily Zoom works and ask any questions if you are not yet familiar with Zoom.
In this way we ensure that everyone is prepared when we start together on Saturday July 18th.